For the world 2018 is new!
2018 brings in another year!
What becomes of the past news?
What sadness yesterday could not bear
Has passed on in painful whispers?
Tomorrow gallops in for us to bear
Burdens of future hopes that compel brains to stew.
Many seek explanations for things dear
That make today much less than we knew.


2018 greetings – Happy New Year!
Questions of the past make today
Yet a bigger question as tomorrow comes near.
2017 was so much hope that wrought only decay.
To cope, the world moves on in whispering embers.
Then tomorrow gallops in with no delay
As brains and minds continue to wonder and decipher
Seeking explanations in forms that stray
Far and away from hard realities that we remember. 



By Bunmi Makinwa.
New York. December 31, 2017.


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